The Beaney Insitute: an exciting springboard into exploration, play, new ideas and creativity, with exhibition design by Casson Mann.

After a major restoration and redevelopment project in which Casson Mann was appointed to see the design though to completion, The Beaney Institute in Canterbury opens its doors to the public.

Unusually for a museum, the Beaney Institute had the opportunity to think about conceptual, intellectual and directional orientation across all museum, library and art gallery spaces; as a result the spaces all feel as if they are part of the same story.

Throughout the museum, art gallery and library spaces, there are a series of Explorer Points, where activities take place. The Text is minimal; where possible objects, activities, visual clues and multi-sensory experiences have been used in its place. Displays in all of the spaces gather objects together in order to make interesting points and provoke engaged responses, rather than to tell encyclopaedic historical or cultural stories.

The Beaney Institute in Canterbury, with exhibition design by Casson Mann

Read more about The Beaney’s redevelopment here

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