The inimitable broadcaster and writer Brian Sibley gives Hollywood Costume and Casson Mann a fantastic  review, saying:

“To compensate for the absence of flesh and blood bodies, the superb design of this exhibition – the work of Casson Mann design practice – imbues the costumes with surrogate life through the highly creative use of sound and lighting and imaginative projections and animations.”

“The creative wizardry supporting and surrounding these often legendary clothes is particularly well used in ‘Act One’ of the exhibition which deconstructs costume design: showing how Marit Allen’s seemingly ‘off-the-peg’ cowboy outfits worn by Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal in Brokeback Mountain were, in fact, anything but; and how the component parts of Indiana Jones costume developed out of a sketch by Steven Speilberg  from well-worn hat (aged with oil and fullers earth and a lot scrunging and sitting on) down to his boots and, of course, whip.”

“‘Act Two’ of the exhibition is a series of ingeniously staged (and thoughtfully subtitled) dialogues between actors, directors and designers: Tim Burton and Colleen Atwood talk about Sweeney Todd across Mrs Lovett’s pie-making table onto which are projected images and clips and, every now and again, a gory spattering of blood!”

Read the full piece here Hollywood: Made to Measure

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