We are delighted to announce that The Beaney House of Art and Knowledge has been shortlisted for the Art Fund Prize for Museum of the Year 2013! As the UK‘s largest arts prize, it aims to highlight the many innovative ways museums and galleries across the UK bring objects and collections to life for the public.

Casson Mann were appointed to see the design for the Beaney Institute in Canterbury through to completion and the refurbished museum opened to the public  in September 2012.

Unusually for a museum, The Beaney Institute has had the opportunity to think about conceptual, intellectual and directional orientation across all museum, library and art gallery spaces; as a result the spaces all feel as if they are part of the same story. Today the Beaney is an exciting springboard into exploration, play, new ideas and creativity. Displays in all of the spaces gather objects together in order to make interesting points and provoke engaged responses, rather than to tell encyclopaedic historical or cultural stories. Throughout the museum, art gallery and library spaces, there are a series of Explorer Points, where activities take place. Text is minimal; where possible objects, activities, visual clues and multi-sensory experiences have been used in its place.

The Beaney is one of ten British museums to be shortlisted for the Prize. The judging panel visited the Museum on May 17th and you can listen to their comments here: Museum of the Year judges Tour The Beaney

The winner will be presented with £100,000 and crowned ‘Museum of the Year’ at an award ceremony in London in June.

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