‘ new, provocative and improved’ is how The Telegraph‘s Mark Hudson describes the Imperial War Museum’s new Galleries.

In an article that reveals how IWM’s new galleries integrate art with objects, the new Atrium displays are described as ‘bringing together clusters of exhibits – works of art, objects, photographs, oral history, photographs – that “talk to each other”, engaging and provoking the viewer’.

In working closely with IWM’s curators and historians in selecting the various objects, artefacts, mementos, images and art, that are all part of the First World War Galleries, World War Two and Post-1945 Conflicts, we  sought to create themes, displays and clusters that would provoke thought and reflection about the wider issues, implications and human impact of conflict.

Principle Historian Nigel Steel explains it eloquently in the article: “We’re trying to look beyond the operational view of war, which is all about battles and strategies. We’re looking at the impact war has had on people’s lives, the social change and political fall-out. We want to challenge and provoke people to ask questions about these things, and art is a good way to do that”

Read the full article here:


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