Casson Mann celebrate 30 years of success with the launch of bold and playful new website

Exhibition, environmental and interior design specialist Casson Mann today unveils its new website. Bold, playful and informative, its modern approach to design and interaction reflects the studio’s own commitment to innovation, engagement and experiential design.

“After sticking with the same website for many years, we felt ready for something fresh that breaks with conventions and pushes expectations of what a website can do and be, making at the same time a strong statement about our own approach to projects”, says co-founder Roger Mann.

Working closely with Nick Bell Design was key to the project. Having collaborated with Casson Mann for many years, Nick Bell knew the firm well enough to deliver a fresh and surprising design experience that really taps into their creative DNA. As Nick explains, “The concept for the website’s interaction design – the idea of content (images and text) on ‘physical’ carriers (cards) arranged in ‘stacks’– comes from the interface design for the Lifeline Table in the Churchill Museum that I worked on with Roger on back in 2004”. Just as that innovative table provided a few challenges at the time, some people thought this approach was impossible to adapt into web design, but James Stone at mimeArtist was able to provide the necessary expertise to successfully develop it for web and mobile.

An ideal concept that connects with Casson Mann’s pioneering and award winning approach to exhibition design, this bold and playful design experience marks a significant milestone as the firm celebrates 30 years of extraordinary success. Never complacent, this is a team that continually pushes forward with new ideas about engagement that has seen it awarded and recognised for its transformational designs.

The success of Casson Mann’s approach is evident in the busy year ahead, as the team prepares for the opening of 4 significant projects in 2016 (two new prestigious visitor centres in France, one in Miami, and a restaurant project in London) and a clutch of new projects in progress, due to open between 2017 and 2020.

‘We didn’t think we could continue to push clients to change if we were not prepared to change ourselves. I think the new site gets close to offering visitors to our virtual world something similar to what we strive to offer our visitors in reality – an enjoyable way to find out about things.’

Visit our website at: www.cassonmann.co.uk

Website design by Nick Bell Design 
Website interaction design and build by mimeArtist










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