Feathers to the Stars: the new Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science unveils an ambitious and inventive experiential gallery by leading international exhibition design firm Casson Mann.

An exhibition about the past, present and future of flight, Feather to the Stars celebrates the role that scientific understanding of the natural world plays in mankind’s dreams of flight as a means to explore the world and the space beyond.

Award winning British design firm Casson Mann have brought their considerable storytelling expertise to the realisation of this unique gallery, and the imaginative combination of objects, artefacts, science and experiments, media and animations have delivered a rich and physical journey of discovery, inspiration and wonder.

Dedicated to an interactive exploration of the science and ingenuity of flight, Casson Mann’s task was to join paleontology, ornithology, aviation and space into one imaginatively conceived, cohesive and compelling learning experience.

An exciting collection of small and large scale objects and artefacts – including the model of a 125 million year old 30 foot dinosaur and a flock of small prehistoric birds, a suspended jet and a helicopter, The Flight Wall media installation and three types of wind tunnels – create a stunning visual snapshot of evolution and flight in the 20th Century and bring conceptual understanding to life. Together with a range of hands-on experimental, making and testing activities in the Flight Test Lab, visitors learn the principles of flight as evolved firstly in the animal kingdom, and developed by man. From biological adaptations to biomimicry in mechanical construction, a combination of media, interactives and playful activities give visitors young and old the opportunity to test how aerodynamic principles can be harnessed to overcome and control thrust, lift and drag.

Roger Mann, co founder and creative director of Casson Mann, says “It has been an exciting journey to bring the unique story of the Feathers to the Stars gallery to life, and I am proud of what we have achieved in collaboration with a passionate and committed museum team. We hope that visitors to the gallery will be inspired by the sheer ingenuity of the natural world and man’s remarkable inventiveness in the pursuit of flight”.

Casson Mann is internationally recognised for transformational permanent and temporary exhibitions and visitor experiences. Credits include the Benjamin Franklin Museum in Philadelphia, and the touring Hollywood Costume exhibition in Los Angeles, London and Melbourne; the International Centre for Cave Art in Lascaux, France; Cité du Vin in Bordeaux, France; the Natural History Museum, Imperial War Museum, Royal Maritime Museum, Science Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, all in London, UK.

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